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Ergonomic. Painless hygiene.

Especially during the first postpartum days after a vaginal delivery, the hygiene of the intimate area is not as simple as we thought. The spots and swelling make the rubbing of toilet paper make us see the stars.

With the postpartum perineal irrigation bottle, these moments become more bearable and facilitate the postpartum self-care routine. A peri bottle will also help us keep the areas affected by childbirth, such as the perineum, safe from infections and promotes a faster recovery. It will be your best ally during the first trips to the bathroom after delivery.

What can we use it for?

  • Intimate hygiene: much better and softer than toilet paper
  • Ergonomic design – specifically designed to be used upside down to avoid reaching into the toilet bowl
  • Large capacity: holds 450 ml of water
  • Super Tip: Add a teaspoon of our Dead Sea Salts with Rosemary and Sage for extra relief
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