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Perfect support · Without mesh · More comfortable impossible

Our disposable briefs are super soft, breathable, non-mesh, and latex-free. A must-have for your hospital bag and ideal for keeping postpartum pads in place or any other recovery layer you need. And they are much more comfortable than conventional maternity disposable panties.

how to use them

  • They are perfect for the first 3-4 days, when you are in the hospital and it is difficult to manage the cleaning of the reusable panties
  • We recommend wearing one panty per day and not washing or reusing them
  • Routine 3 layers: maternity panty, organic cotton compress and perineal hot/cold pad for pain relief

why we love them

  • They are ultra elastic and very comfortable.
  • Made of microfiber and elastane.
  • Flexible sizing (adjusts from size 38 to 46 EU).
  • How to use: carry them in your hospital bag and have them available in all bathrooms once you get home.
  • Change as many times as you want. Don't wash them. Don't reuse them.

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