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postpartum recovery kit

Why didn't anyone tell me about this? This is still the question that many mothers ask ourselves, especially the first time ones.

We are mammas is here to help you take charge of your postpartum period with information and products suitable for the physical and emotional challenges of your new motherhood.



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of midwives



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What does the postpartum recovery kit contain?


"When I tried to go to the bathroom at the hospital, I already realized that it was not going to be like before. I was sitting on the toilet for more than 30 minutes without daring to start. The stitches itched, the whole area hurt and I had no idea of ​​how I had to wash myself"




Statistics tell us that almost 90 percent of women will have a child. We will agree that this is a very high number of the total world population, right?

However, for something so common and drastically altering the life of the mother and everyone around her, it is surprising how little we talk about what happens to us once we give birth.

Postpartum is a stage of motherhood that is invisible and that must change. This is a time with enormous physical and emotional challenges, but we can alleviate them with the right information and products.

Because you need it?

Because you have told us many times that there are simple routines that can help us alleviate postpartum discomfort. And why not find ourselves with surprises those first days helps us to have half of the way covered. Having all the information and knowing that we can test at all times is crucial. We leave you with some comments from mommies who were caught by surprise by postpartum

"I don't understand why no one tells us the reality of postpartum. When I got home we were both, my partner and I, absolutely lost. I didn't understand what was happening to me, everything hurt and on top of that the house was filled with visitors. I didn't know nor how to say no


Arlet and Berta's mother

"What I least expected were lochia and injuries. Every time I put Pau on my chest it was as if they were squeezing me inside. Besides, I had no idea that I was going to bleed for so many days. They were very long weeks that they exhausted me"


Blue's mother

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