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Absorbent · Breathable · Washable

We combine the most advanced technology with the most respectful materials to create the first absorbent postpartum panties.

🩸 Absorption capacity: 20 ml

What makes them unique?

  • They are absorbent: the perfect alternative to the use of pads during postpartum bleeding.
  • They are ideal for postpartum bleeding and in case of urinary incontinence
  • They are breathable and made of organic cotton.
  • Super respectful of your intimate area at a time as delicate as postpartum.
  • Flexible and comfortable, they offer a slight support of the abdominal area without causing damage to the core muscles and the pelvic floor.
  • They adjust to the changes of the body that will accompany you during the postpartum period.

In addition, our postpartum panties are super comfortable for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries, they can be machine washed and are highly absorbent.

How do they work

Hand in hand with Cocoro intim, we have the most advanced technology. Comfort in three layers:

  1. Cotton: in contact with your most intimate skin, it has the fabric recommended by gynecologists. Some models are completely lined with cotton.
  2. Polyester-based technical fabric: absorbent, water-repellent, antibacterial and breathable. The technical fabric is hidden between the cotton and the outer fabric.
  3. External cotton and elastane fabrics, so that you feel comfortable and protected.

how to use them

  • During the first 3 or 4 days we recommend the use of our disposable panties since the pads have to be changed more often and the bleeding is more intense.
  • After the first days, our absorbent postpartum panties allow you to stop using compresses! It is really appreciated!

why we love them

  • machine washable
  • They are sustainable since they avoid the use of disposable pads
  • They allow an economic saving of 50% compared to the use of compresses during the postpartum period.
  • They can be used once the lochia has finished both at the return of the period or in case of urinary incontinence.
  • They are elastic and very comfortable.
  • They are made of organic cotton
  • made in spain
  • We recommend having 3 units on hand to change them as many times as you want. Don't iron them. Do not use fabric softener.

Discover additional uses

  • Designed so that you can use them together with our cold-heat pad to improve pelvic pain or discomfort from hemorrhoids, vulvar varicose veins, prolapses or injuries.

- Use in the perineal area -

- Use for wrongs -

Need help with the sizes?

As a general rule we use European sizing. We recommend basing yourself on your second trimester measurements as a guide to know what size you will need postpartum.

Content: 1 unit


  • Exterior: 93% CO, 7% EA
  • Intermediate layer: Natural fibers and PES
  • Indoor: 100% CO
  • Lace: 75% PA, 25% EA