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Ergonomic. Food grade silicone.

Breast milk is liquid gold and you have to save every drop! It is not only a question of not going with stained clothes, but of saving breast milk that we could save for when we need it most. Our milk collector is ideal both for breastfeeding or during pumping.

Super secret: it can also be very useful to relieve breast engorgement and solve blocked ducts.

What can we use it for?

  • To collect breast milk that comes from the other breast during nursing or pumping.
  • To relieve engorgement, since its gentle suction does not overstimulate milk production. Ideal during weaning!
  • Relief of breast engorgement and blocked ducts.

How to use it

  • Always sterilize any silicone item before first use.
  • Flip the top back (like an upside down umbrella)
  • Place it on the chest and turn the turned part towards the chest.
  • Squeeze bottom to generate suction
  • Once the milk stops coming down, remove it and store the milk in a suitable container following the usual storage instructions.

what is it made of

  • Free of BPA, phthalates and PVC
  • food grade silicone
  • Includes protective cap
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • No wires or batteries.


  • a milk collector
  • a protective cap